10 Shocking Wedding Dresses in the World – Weird Bridal Gowns

Shocking Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress is definitely one of the most important pieces in a wedding. While these clothes usually make the bride look they’re very best, there are some that literally jump off the norm. From jersey-inspired dresses to bat shit crazy-looking ones, here are the10 Most Shocking Wedding Dresses in the World.

1. The Balloon Dress – Is she going to a wedding party or a kiddies birthday party? Well, we applaud the genius who made the dress out of balloons, but this one is definitely something you should probably wear to a Halloween party – not on your wedding. Imagine what would happen if she bumps into a sharp corner!

2. The Belly Dress – While most brides try to be in shape before their wedding day, others try to look as great as they could be while having a baby bump. Being proud of it is nice – by not trying to cover it up in the dress, but you should never ever do something like this.

3. Is she getting ready for the wedding or a C-sec operation? The “Is it really a wedding dress” Dress? So you have a great body, and you want to show it off at your wedding – you can always do it without showing a lot of skin. As for her, well, she tried to cover up her skin quite well with that teeny-tiny strap (bra?), or whatever it is she used to make it look like one of those things used in porn. While her skirt is pretty long enough to cover her private stuff, it’s definitely lingerie disguised as a dress.

4. The Pattern Dress – Most wedding dresses are white because of it suits most people pretty well, it’s elegant, and of course, it’s always trendy. Wearing pattern dresses, on the other hand, is what most people call – a hit or miss. Take this flame-pattern wedding dress for example. It seems like the pattern used here should have been for her car, not her dress.

5. The Jersey Dress – Is she going to get married to her fiancé, or the basketball team? Well, she’s proven her commitment to the organization – no doubt about that, but she could have printed her fiancé’s name (or his face), if she doesn’t want him to think about how committed she is in her marriage. If you’re a die-hard fan of a sports team, would you wear a “Jersey” dress?

6. The Camouflage Dress – There is a reason why soldiers wear camouflage, and that’s not to be easily seen. Using it on a wedding dress on the other hand kind of beats its purpose – don’t you want to be seen at your wedding? There is no point in having a camouflage dress unless you plan on having your wedding under a war zone!

7. Cream Puff Dress – Ukrainian baker, Valentyn Shtefano took about two months to finally create a masterpiece out of his bride’s wedding dress. This 20-pound food-inspired wedding dress is actually made out of 1,500 cream puffs. It does look great, and the bride didn’t even want to take it off after the wedding reception. Perhaps he should make a career change in the future, designing “food dresses” instead of making actual food.

8. The Condom Dress – This is definitely one of those dresses that you would be so embarrassed to wear – especially at your wedding. Fortunately, no one dared to wear this monstrosity, having its one and only moment of glory once in a fashion show in Beijing. Seriously, who would have thought condoms could be used as a wedding dress?

9. The Tig ‘Ol Bitties – If you’ve got them, you can flaunt them– just stay classy! Unfortunately (men do love them though), the trend for Tig ‘Ol Bitties dresses still remain – these are what you often see on the web, pictures of brides on dresses that show a lot of women’s breast area. You’ve already got the attention of everyone in your wedding, so you don’t have to push it a few more notches with your overflowing breasts.

10. The Gothic Dress – The gothic-inspired wedding isn’t very common but there are couples out there who love the shades of black. Unusual as it can be, black wedding dresses can look good if done right. Fail miserably, and you’ll definitely turn into a Tim Burton character.


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