Backup Plan For Evening Gown

Evening Gown

So the story behind this gown was that my cousin – who is the sister of the groom, told me that she was going to wear a dress that she had bought which has floral embroidery on it. So I thought, I can get a similar dress. Hers is black so I thought I wanted to get a navy blue and then I came upon this online, which was much cheaper than hers.

Instead of having floral motif being embroidered directly onto the fabric, this embroidery here is a separate piece being sewn onto the dress. That’s why the labor is much lower. Hence the cost and the price could be lower than having actual embroidery on the dress. The rose embroidery motif is only on the front, top and upper bottom. But the thing is that this dress is very ‘exposed’ on the back. It’s a bare back with only the sash to tie on the lower back.

Waist down, the lower half is being supported by the elastic band. So I thought I should have enough time to alter this with my mom’s help, of course because with my skill, I can’t handle this. With my skill alone which is like only 20%, I can’t handle it on my own so I need my mom’s help. But unfortunately, there had been some events, where my grandma went into a coma after a stroke. So my mom has to stay with my grandma with another aunt to take care of her. So she didn’t have the time to help me alter this and I’m not confident enough to alter this on my own.

Which brings us to this dress behind?

Let me get that. This dress here was a backup plan which I bought just in case. The first dress didn’t work out. I would still have a backup plan. This is very sexy on the back. Its totally sheer on the back, it’s chiffon waist-up. So this one is not embroidery, it’s a printed floral motif on the front. But it’s close enough to the criteria that we had. I bought some beads. I bought some sparkly beads to sew them on to it a little more glamorous. Oh well, you know me. This was what I ended up wearing at the wedding.

Admiring the gown

 I can still wear this for Chinese New Year and now, let’s try it on! So this is what it looks like from the front. There’s a slit on the side. Let me show you the back. This is what the back looks like. My mom was like, “Are you sure your husband will let you wear that?” I was like, “Yeah, that’s exactly why I need your help”. I’m thinking of chiffon throughout the back, I might keep the sash to tie a ribbon and change the elastic band into gathers and have a zip along the back and now, we’ll go try out the other dress! This is the back of the other dress. Let me show you the front.

A very ‘Chinese’ dress but it’s little loose on the top. I sewed on the beads myself. Does it show on the camera? So that’s it. I actually have another dress. It’s for the wedding where I’ll be the emcee next week. Let me show you that as well but it’s a short dress. This is the third one for this Sunday. I just hope that nothing will be exposed from below the stage. But if I remember correctly, the stage isn’t very high. So I should be fine. Let me show you the back, that’s where it gets interesting.

Would you believe me if I tell you that the tube inside is a separate piece that I found at Forever 21? I was like, “Wow, this is perfect!” If I were to wear a normal tube top, then I wouldn’t get to show off my back. This tube is a perfect choice because I get to show off without showing too much of my front if you know what I’m saying.


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