Boat Neck Blouse Use Net and Side Zip – Designer Blouse Cutting and Stitching

Designer Blouse Cutting

I have cut the blouse from the measuring blouse. First of all, it is a blouse size measurement and cutting the other blouse. First total length will be measured. Take the total length on your own, for plus one inch margin. Draw similar lines and draw straight lines. Cutting the blouse hormone at 7:30 inches 7:30 drawing on these lines. Just pull straight down the line. This mark applied to vote bank 4:30. I have marked 15 inches. I do not measure the solders in this blouse. I have taken the measurements manually. Here’s the fourth part of the chest and pull the straight line Take a measure of the blouse and mark it with your waist here. Here the fourth part of the waist is to be installed for Plus 1 INCH Plus 2 inch extra margin. The name of the chest of the blouse is also done. The blouse is 38 inches; its fourth part is here to apply, for 2 inches extra margin. Now they both pull the line. Will drop down marks from half inch shoulder Boat Nek Deep 2:30 Here’s the safeguarding of BOAT here’s the safe of Aramol?

Here are cutting your first back part, marks up to 4 inches for tax. Mark at the top of the point Just cut back part of the cut. Apply similar marks to the other side. Now the front of the blouse will do the cutting. The side Jeep will be installed in the blouse so the front will not have the BACK open. Let’s sit on top of the cloth. From here we raise 1 inch in the waist and draw straight line. Now it is equal to its cutting and this is my sari cloth and net cloth. In this, there is a blouse which I have attached and attached it to the stitch. Now let’s fold it out and put it in 4 ways and fold it straight in this way. Cutting around 7 inches will be done here. Cutting it from here, First of all, we will cut the cost equal to the fees. Check the way to set the blouse, from where I’m going to cut, if the joint is low on the side then the joint can apply.

Now I will cut it from here which will look like my net. To make a face from now on, do the lamp cutting on the front. Now it will be useful to take a sleeve cut size measure. Measure the side and mark it. 3 inch down and mark it. Here you will mark 7:30 inches here and here’s a safe sleeve, I have even told to do sleeve cutting and make it cut and do the cutting of the sleeve deep and apply it to the border sleeve. Attach the lining to the blouse. Combine the two together on this joint. After getting the lining, the two separate parts are separated by separation. In this way, I have sewed different parts and sewed them. Now put tax in the blouse. In front 1 inch and back part, 1/2 will put wide tax. In this way I have put both the tax.

Now sew the solder’s seal. Now you will put a sleeve in front and face back from back text. Just put a ureic strip in the neck. This strip will make sure to the top. In this way, this strip has been found. Now pack a right side of it, will keep left side open. Now in the bottom of the side you put a 1 inch wide strip that I have figured out. Now, put the sleeve on the sleeve and the mall. Now fix it by stitching the fitting on its other side. Now you measure the waistline and chest with an inch tape. Stamp the fitting and measure it. Now you will put a zip in it which will be applied to a single boot. This zip is my hidden and then seal near the zip. In this way, your side chain has also been found and in this way, your own blouse is also ready. The boat is ready with the side jeep in the NAC.


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