Cold Weather Dressing and Choosing Your Very First Suit

Cold Weather Dressing

Camping in winter? It can be hard but if you’re dressed right staying warm comes easy. Choose your clothing carefully. Avoid anything made from a plant like cotton. Plants love water. They’re designed to hold and retain it. They won’t insulate when they’re wet. If it gets cold enough, it could freeze leaving you wearing a humanly shaped ice cube. You want to wear what the animals wear. Take sheep, for example, they grow their own insulation.

We know it’s itchy but it’s warm, and your grandmother will love that you’re getting some miles out of it. Synthetic fabrics can also work well. Polypropylene and polar fleece are engineered to insulate from cold weather. But sheep are still rated number one at the insulation business. Next, you’ll need to understand that winter camping has layers like an onion or an ogre. Layers help you adjust for different activity levels, and varying temperatures. Remember the three Ws: wicking, warmth and wind proofing.

  • The wicking layer is closest to your body and usually made from synthetic material. Long johns and liner socks are thin and intended to draw moisture away from your skin.
  • Next is the Warmth Layer. This is your flannels, fleeces, boot inserts and sweaters. These provide most of the insulation to stay warm.
  • Your wind proofing layer – or shell layer – goes over everything else. Snowpants, boots, over jacket and hoods: these prevent warm air in other layers, from blowing away. Now that you’re dressed, it’s time to enjoy some winter fun.

How to choose your very first suit?

I read that there are many people who save up to buy their first suit. Here what are some guidelines to follow when buying your first suit? There are no guidelines but I recommend starting with a basic suit. Something you can wear when you are forced to choose one outfit. I recommend that colors such as navy or gray navy stripes are good for special occasions and gray are universal. This is an example of a gray suit. This is a good choice for your first suit because it’s subtle and you can layer it with anything and also wear it to any occasion/location. It’s very versatile.

Navy stripes are a bit different this isn’t a “first time” suit. It was created at the beginning of the 20th century if you only have one suit, this is it depending on the social event, and your suit changes because depending on your goal, your suit changes. There are different suits for going to an interview or work navy for financial business, attorneys or judges should wear gray but for your first suit, it should be gray or navy stripes.

What is the most inexpensive suit?

Honestly, there is no such thing as a cheap suit because the price depends on the fabric and manufacturing process. The young people who come here are not super rich. You are buying a gift for yourself, investing in yourself it’s something to consider seriously but I will give it to you at a good price because I’m touched.


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