Creating Your Own Wedding Flower Centrepiece

Wedding Flower Centrepiece

Today’s tutorial I am going to show you how I made this wedding dress inspired centerpiece. The first item you going to need is a champagne glass. You will also need to cut out 4 circles from tulle fabric. You want to make sure that the circles are big enough to cover the champagne glass. You will also need some lace trimming, sparkly bead trimming or ribbon and some flowers to decorate.

The tools you will need are scissors and a hot glue gun. Place a small line of hot glue on the rim of the glass to attach the lace trimming as shown. Do this all the way around the rim and then proceed to wrap the lace trimming around the glass all the way down. Secure the ends with some hot glue placing the 4 circles on top of each other fold it in half and half again.

Create the skirt

To create the skirt you going to cut a hole in the middle of the skirt you want to make sure that you don’t cut it too big otherwise you are going to struggle to attach it to the champagne glass later on. So using my glue gun I am going to attach the tulle skirts one by one to the champagne glass. I determined where I wanted my waist to and I am just placing some beads of hot glue to enable me to attach the first skirt. I have actually cut the skirts a little bit too big as you can see here but basically how I am going to fix that is just by gathering the fabric at the waist before sticking it down onto the hot glue.

Repeat the process

Repeat the process for the remaining skirts. You can use as many layers of tulle as you wish. Just decided to use four but you can use more or less depending on the look you are after. At this stage, you have the option of adding some ribbon to the waist and attaching a bow. I have decided to go for this lovely sparkly bead trimming attaching onto the dress using my hot glue gun as well as for weddings. This centerpiece will work really well for bridal shower decorations.


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