Dressing Fashion Tips For Women Over 50


Well first of all you know, and I’m one of the like me’s, basically what happens is that women they tend to be so focused on the family and maybe on their career, and all of the sudden they wake up and they realized they haven’t been paying attention to themselves and their bodies are not what they were the night before. So they seem to wake up and think we’re in one spot the day before but those body parts are no longer in the same spot and all the sudden putting on the clothes that you that she had don’t seem to work for her anymore and this is really common, so what happens is when a woman can’t feel good about herself and her clothes, it affects her whole mood, it affects her motivation self-confidence and that’s a big thing.

Clothes to look for

So what I try to do for a woman is to show her that she can absolutely look beautiful and feel great no matter what her age or her size, or her shape is. The trick is you have to know what clothes to look for so you don’t keep stressing out! Exactly and a lot of the women that we’re talking to that are listening to you know how do we look forward to going shopping again and feel good about ourselves? I had mentioned to you in a private conversation that fifty percent of women really don’t like shopping and so a lot of women think that, right? A lot of women think that they’re the only one, so that there’s something wrong with them, and I love women who don’t like shopping because that’s who I work with so that works really well!

Picking problem

That’s why you’re my new best friend. So the thing about shopping and the reason why it is painful for a lot of women is that they tend to make the same mistakes and then they don’t realize it so I advise women, for instance, to not shop at the same store they’ve been shopping in all those times because if it was working out so great you would like your clothes, wouldn’t have any problem picking out what to wear. So one of the first things is to change where you go because obviously, that hasn’t been the answer. So you just try more and buy more, and it’s a waste of time and money and frustration. So what I like to say is that women tend to think they have to keep buying more and the truth of the matter is with fewer clothes that are in your right colors and fit, you can have far more outfits than you can if you have tons and tons of clothes I mean that expression.

Nothing to wear

I have nothing to wear it’s kind of funny because we all know that there’s lots of stuff in the closet, yes so you know there’s got to be something in there but we can’t find it because we probably don’t even like what we have you know or, we’re buying things that used to look good on us and as we age and the body changes we have to change how we dress too! So now we change the stores we shop in, even change the manufacturer that you are usually shopping at, try something different you know and then also, don’t go shopping when you’re desperate. Why not wait to the last minute, you know and don’t keep going out for an outfit trying to find things that you can actually make more outfits with so instead of buying a shirt that goes with one pair of pants or with one skirt, why not buy a shirt that can go with a couple of the pants you already own. So you can create more wardrobes instead of having one outfit at a time.

Great bodies

Does anything come to mind when I asked you the question what is one tip you can give someone who is going out there again on a date for the first time in a long time, when it comes to dressing do this, don’t do this! I have a few things, one is don’t look like you’re trying to look younger that’s you know. So I think, I know women who have great bodies, their body didn’t change, they still like to go shopping in junior departments because it fits! So my advice does not do that! And also you know if you have a great body you know you can dress in stylish clothes but when you try to dress like your daughter or somebody younger it actually can be aging, it actually can make a person look even older.

Look younger

So don’t try to look younger but don’t buy old-fashioned clothes or wear your old clothes either because if you wearing clothes that are obviously old or we can identify with a 1980’s sitcom for instance, then you’re looking dated and that’s so aging you know, it really is. Show little fun, show a little creativity you know, maybe it could be a cool scarf or necklace or some earrings that move, even a fun little pin. Show a little personality and one of my favorite things in clothing, and I think this is great for dating especially because you know when you’re going on a first date you’re walking into the room.


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