Easy Tips for Posing a Bride – Breathe Your Passion

Bridal Poses

A few things you think when you’re posing a bride.

1. Big tip every bride I don’t care how beautiful she is or how skinny she is, always thinks she looks fat so you want to make sure we eliminate that problem. It is funny some of my in thinnest brides are the ones that are the most self-conscious and as a photographer, it’s your job to make sure they look amazing. So first off an atypical pose that I usually have with my bride is I have them mirror me. I want you guys to see so I’m going to face this way but you’re going to start off with your foot forward, you’re going to face this camera here because I’m going to stand there. Let’s switch your feet so you’re doing exactly what I’m doing, so you left foot go forward, you’re going to lean on your back leg and the reason we lean on the back leg is we are going to push our hips away from the camera. Anything that you want to be smaller moves away from the camera, so that is hips.

2. So you are just going to hold onto your dress and perfect you’ve got that bend in the elbow. Now when she’s bending her elbow you want to make sure that there is space between her arm and her waist if you push them together like this, it’s going to kind of create the illusion that it’s all one piece and we want to break up the pieces here. So you want to make sure you can see her waistline which is gorgeous, thank you. So that’s another thing you want to do. We’ve put her hips back, we’ve created a little bit of a waistline here and then we want to make sure that her body is not facing the same direction as her head, which she already doing. So her body is facing this direction, her head we are going to have her turn a little bit that way.

I’m just going back up, I’m going to get my exposure here first and I do that by the way through live view typically, so I’m going to get what I want to do. We’re at 800 on my shutter speed, f/2. 5 on my aperture and my ISO is at 400. Perfect. I’m going to back up. Go ahead and bring your head down that way a little bit. Nice. Look at me. See just how beautiful her skin looks, every part of her looks dynamic she looks thin and gorgeous and that’s defiantly what we are going for. Sometimes having that dead on look is nice and it tends to be a little bit popular right now just kind of that standing there very natural, very like you caught that bride in that moment. So that’s what we are going to do. She’s doing a really good job doing it by her. If she had a bouquet you just kind of hold it, but right now you can just kind of play with your ring, your wedding ring, and perfect.

By having her bender arms were creating that space in her waist. We’re also making sure that she’s not flat-footed you don’t want her just standing down. You want her giving a little lean. This is going to give her body a little bit more curve. You’re just going to lean on one leg, either one, you know what the leg you’re not leaning on you can just give your foot a little kick. She looks awesome. I’m going to come back here, the same exposure nice and beautiful. Right off the bat, I don’t see her hand and I want to make sure I see her hand. So when you grab your dress bring it in front. This hand can come up a little bit more. Just like right here and grab your dress, beautiful. I always love adding movement finally, adding movement to your bride because she doesn’t just have to stand there and that can be a little bit boring.

So what I’m going to have you do, take two more steps backward. First, you’re just going to hold your dress and you’re going to go back and forth. Just like Cinderella, you know just a little girl in her wedding dress. Perfect then lately what you are going to do, take one more step backward and you’re going to walk towards me just like you’re doing a catwalk.


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