Finding That Perfect Wedding Gown


This is a woman’s most important days, and what she wears is one of the most important decisions she will make. It is a big decision. Tell us about your selection, because it can be overwhelming when you are going dress shopping. You have people who can hear women to the right dressed, to find the perfect fit, and what will make them feel like a princess. Our store has about 700 different wedding dresses. We have about a dozen different designers, so we cover all the silhouettes and styles in a wedding. Really we make a personalized. It is one-on-one consulting with the bride, so she knows exactly what she is going to be doing for her wedding day.

Oftentimes it is about the bride, that bride also have the bridesmaids and the groom’s mother. Do you take that into consideration? We have a 15-foot-long runway. When the entourage is coming, we have space that to take place, you have a lot of events that take place at America’s bride tell us about one event coming up, because it is special, and it will bring a lot unique own gowns. A trunk show is when a designer has 30 dresses or so in a season. A sneak peek at what is to come and what is going to be trending. It is for the bride who wants the latest dress because it takes so long to come in, so you can get the dress. We run specials on that as well. Appointments can be made on our website, the important parts, seeing some of the dresses that you carry.

1. Let’s talk about this first dress. This is a gorgeous silhouette. This is Taylor featuring a down gown. It is featured with ivory lace. It has straps. I love the back of this dress. That is a statement when you are standing at the altar. Peoples’ eyes are drawn to the back. People are not necessarily going straight to white. They are going to off-white or pastel pink. Are you seeing that? Yes. A lot of gowns we feature are of a similar color. But you will see pinks, champagne. There are so many different names for the colors. We are not showing anything in white or ivory today. Everything comes in those colors. Give us a preview of what is6 c13 to come.

2. Next, we have fall 2017, a dress. It just came in and will be in our store. We are seeing a lot of lace. There we have Nicole. She has jewels on her shoulder and it continues around to the back. She will do a little spin for us. Very dramatic back, if the bride does not want to feature the jewels on the back, she is going to show you how easy that is, because you are always asking for you that is a gorgeous back. It makes everyone want to shop. This has got to be so exciting when you show them this huge selection. There is a ton of different things. Styles are all rise always changing. Something is always fresh coming in. That is great for every rocket or bright every bride or bride-to-be. This is Amber and she is wearing a dress showing off the nice silhouetted, a French beige color. The lace is ivory and it goes into what we have as a tool security skirting. It is shimmery. That is exactly what I was thinking of each wedding. This would be perfect. You did not know if the camera was picking up on that glimmer. Under all the lights, and I hope our viewers can see this; this is so shiny a statement piece. That is gorgeous.

3. What is something that might surprise brides that may be coming on trend? We have markets and we get to go to the markets to figure out what is going on with designers. A lot of it has to do with change. Back jewelry is huge right now and then sparkles. We’re seeing a lot of sparkle on this next look. This is stunning. She has featured here come and a fall down. She has this metallic spread of lace with ivory over it. It gives an awesome back. We will have her turn a little bit for us. The whole thing comes together. There are diamond buttons and a very romantic skirt as it just kind of falls and lays with a soft, romantic ruffled. It creates a putative ally. When we are looking at a lot of these dresses, we do not have any dresses that are plain white today. I would imagine that would help in the color scheme of the overall wedding. If it right found her perfect dress — if a bride found her perfect dress, she can go with any bridesmaids dress. It pulls together the richness and the color scheme of the wedding. We have white and ivory so we c show what a color would look like. If a bride wanted a different color, you could order that absolutely.

4. Let’s talk about this next dress. This is one of the new fall dresses. It is fully beaded and has sparkles throughout the late detail. When you turn and you look at the back always a nice to have a surprise on the back and gives that wonderful shape to the address with the train puffed out. Almost like a mermaid style, but higher in the back, giving it a unique silhouette. The dresses are all full-length gowns.


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