Handmade Doll Dresses – Wedding Dress, Ball Gown, Casual

Handmade Doll Dresses

These dresses are a real labor of love. Some of them were already worn by our dolls and some like the wedding dresses at the end hasn’t appeared in any of our episodes yet. Let’s have a look at these dresses.

1. First up, we have Ivory Embroidered dress. These two dresses are similar in design and fabric material except that one on the left has an extra layer at the bottom of the dress. This is a sleeveless long dress made with fabric embroidered flower patterns. She has a big ribbon on the back to give better shape on the waist. The dress has an extra ruffle on the bottom to create a tiered dress. Elsa is wearing a similar dress except this one has one long ball gown look.

2. Next we have Ivory Embroidered Short Dresses. Anna’s dress on the left is one dress and the one that Cinderella is wearing is two pieces with a top blouse and a separate skirt. This is a simple sleeveless dress with the top and knee-length skirt attached into one piece. Good for going for a Sunday picnic. Cinderella’s dress is more like a business suit. She can wear the top separately with a pair of pants or just mix and match with other skirts. These red dresses are made with real silk.

These silk fabric has really soft and shiny feel of the fabric and it has orange flowery patterns on the fabric. Elsa’s dress has an extra layer at the bottom of the dress. It’s also a sleeveless dress with ribbon on the back. Anna’s dress is simpler than the previous dress in that it’s less one less ruffle at the bottom. These dresses are also made with red silk fabric. Elsa is wearing a two piece suit and Anna is wearing a-line dress. The top has short sleeves and it’s a separate piece than the skirt, so she can mix and match. Anna’s dress is a simple knee length A line dress for a nice dinner out.

3. Next dress is similar to previous dresses, but we used a different fabric. Elsa’s dress has two layered ruffles on the bottom and summer’s dress has one ruffle. Anna’s dress is A-line knee length dress. These are flower tea length dresses with flower prints on the fabric. Elsa’s dress on the left has extra ruffles on the skirt. These sapphire long dresses are made with lace type of material. It has flowers embroidered on the fabric as well. Elsa’s dress is one piece and Ann’s dress is made with two pieces with separate top and bottom. Elsa’s dress has similar design as previous dresses with sleeveless top and ruffled ball gown look of the dress. Anna’s dress can be worn separately so she can mix and match with other blues or skirts.

These are all of the miscellaneous dresses that appeared on the show, so we put them under the miscellaneous category. Barbie is wearing a long sleeve top and a knife pleated skirt for the bottom. I was going for the school uniform look, expecting to create a school story, but we are going to have to create a lot more of these uniforms if an entire school is going to be wearing them. Elsa is wearing a short sleeve top with a knife pleated skirt. I was going more for the modern business suit look, so these clothing would be more appropriate for serious business deals. Anna is wearing a simple line dress. This one was made for a more casual everyday look. They are made of lace material. With wedding veils accentuated with clear beads. Elsa’s wedding dress is a sleeveless ball gown dress with an extra tier of layers on the bottom of the dress. She has an extra long veil fit for the royal wedding. Anna’s wedding dress is similar in design but she has a simple ball gown dress with no extra tiered layer of her dress. She has a slightly shorter veil.


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