Hemming a Wedding Gown with Applique

Hemming Wedding Gown

It’s the hem, doing the hem with appliqué. As you can see I already took some of the appliqués off. I still have to take some, the rest of them, so I can hem it up and will show you how to put it back too! They used an invisible nylon thread on the appliqué so it’s hard to see. It is easier to rip the stitches if you work from inside. They use a regular thread on the bobbin. I only have to hem the front.

So I measured 10″ from one side seam toward the back and marked it and I did the same on the other side. I started ripping from the first mark, work my way toward the front until I reached the second mark. After I was done ripping the appliqué, I cut off the extra length from the dress where my mark was. Just cutting away! Then I lay the appliqué on the dress lining up the edges of the lace appliqué and the tulle. To make it easier to sew, pin it in place, making sure your edges are lined up. This particular wedding dress does not have beads. So I can sew the appliqué on using my sewing machine, most of the time the appliqué is loaded with beads.

In that case, you have to sew the appliqué by hand. You might want to pin your appliqué to the exact place you want it to be. Making sure there is no pucker. Looks good! Everything is laid nicely. Since I’m using my machine for this dress, I will sew along the edges of the appliqué. If sewing by hand because of beads flip the dress and sew from the inside. That way your thread will not get caught on the beads and sequence. Sew along the top edges of the appliqué. I’m going to sew this now. I’m sewing along the top of the appliqué using a polyester thread. I don’t like using the nylon or invisible thread. It will be hard to rip if I make mistakes. Keep checking, making sure there is no pucker.


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