How to Dress For a Christmas Party – Christmas Outfits for Men

Christmas Outfits

1. Okay, so our first look is this, right. We’ve got this lovely tuxedo suit by Topman. Right, we’re going to give you a few shops to shop in today, because Christmas is so specific. We’re going to make sure that you can get these garments quick and easy, and thus we’re going to go to Topman, the number one, fairly cheap, English high street shop. Right, so this is the burgundy tuxedo suit by Topman. The blazer retailed at 110 and the trousers at 50, pretty cheap for a suit, a really nice suit. The color is beautiful. Obviously, it’s going to work really well for Christmas, it’s going to be a lot about green, red, and white theme, the Christmas color. So this is a bit cooler, it’s a slightly off red, the burgundy.

The tuxedo little bit on the lapel makes it very clear that we’re going partying, it’s a social look, right and then I’m going to walk in this cheesy, old Christmas tie which was four quid from Primark. Everything you see, you can find online as well, just too really get the Christmas vibes going. It is quite versatile. You can easily wear this at another time during the year as well, so it’s actually quite a good buy. The blazer would look awesome with jeans as well. Thus, it’s worth getting it. If it was bright red, with a green lapel, it’s not like you’re going to be able to wear it that much. That would be Christmas overload, but this bad boy can be worn at any time.

So really cool suit, and there we have our more high-end Christmas look. Right, we’ve got the skinny trousers to go with it, and then finally a pair of black brogues just to finish it off, right. All very nice and easy, the suit by Topman, so that is our Christmas style look number one and remember guys, you don’t need the cheesy tie. If that’s overkill, you want to be a bit cooler; you can just simply have it without the tie. But even this, everyone’s going to know this is your Christmas look, and you’re going to be turning heads at the office, and haven’t going to look like one of those guys in one of these suits. They’re not cool, they look ridiculous. Alright, so if you want to wear a funky, Christmas-themed suit, go for the red suit, not the patterned, loserville suit.

2. Alright, look number two. Okay gents, so here are our Christmas festive party look numbers two. Okay, notice how we’ve put in the burgundy tuxedo suit blazer in the game, just to show you how versatile it is. It works really well with the white jeans as well. However, the essence of outlook is not with this jacket, although this would work as well. But this is our gym guy Christmas look. Okay, so we have this beautiful green velvety kind of weird Christmassy, tinsel material T-shirt. That’s by Topman as well, and remembers this is a muscle-fit T-shirt for all you gym elves out there, getting those elf gains. For all you guys who want one thing, and one thing only, for Christmas, and that’s genius. On top we have these, hey, hey, elf-like suspenders. Right, they’re also in this red material, ten quid, Topman. We’ve got some skinny jeans below. They have rips in the knees; they were 25 pounds by River Island.

This time, we’ve got the little beanie on top to keep those Christmas elf vibes going and that was 15 quid from Topman and then finally on the bottom, we have the classic burgundy loafers. They’re not by Topman and cost a bit more, right, but the last Topman thing we have on is the novelty Christmas socks with the red and white, going with our overall theme. Definitely, a talking point, and also very trendy to wear patterned socks when you’re wearing loafers like this or tassel loafers, and these loafers are Weejuns, by the way, as well. So there we have it dudes that are our gym guy elfish Christmas look number two. Alright, I’m going to go and make some toys or, I don’t know what else do, what do they do? Kill some orcs, or is that a rustic kind of elf? Alright, anyway, social, next Christmas outfit on its way.

3. Okay, boys, so this is our look number three in very strict contrast to look number two, the gym elf Christmas look, we now have the preppy civilized, mature, civilized, genteel Christmas look. So I feel a bit like an Oxford lecturer or, an Oxford University students trolling around campus, being incredibly privileged and also enjoying the festive spirit with a tie from Primark.

4. Alright, so our Oxford high-end, preppy, genteel, country type look, we’ll do the same time again, right, so the four quid Primark tie works beautifully and it goes nicely with our pocket square, which is actually a sock from the last look. So I’m not saying use a sock, but actually, if you didn’t have a pocket square, it works perfectly with the tie. The sock is four pounds from Primark, sorry three pounds fifty from Topman. The tie is from Primark, they match, so you actually could do that, and I’ve worn socks as pocket squares on nights out before, and no one has pulled it out and sniffed it or wiped their nose with it. If they did, they’d get an awful surprise, but it works, and no one’s going to know.

5. Okay, sock and tie Primark, Top shop. Then we’ve got this Top shop heavy, wooly oversized knit underneath. This retailed at, I think, 32 pounds. On top, we have a tweed jacket. This one is by Ralph Lauren, and this is one of my own jackets I own. But you can get something like this for a bit cheaper from somewhere like Top shop for approximately 150 quid. The tweed has this kind of green, wintery, Christmas look to it, and of course, tops off the preppy high-end look massively and works very nicely with the cream heavy knit. Then we have, going down, we have our velvet, sorry not velvet, corduroy red maroon, Christmas trousers. Right, a big part of the look, again, it’s that green, white, and red Christmas color theme and that’s basically whatever been seeing throughout all the looks. It’s all reds, whites, and greens, and how you combine those.

Remember all the looks I’ve showed you, maybe not so much the Christmas elf, but this one especially is going to work any time of the year. Right, you know, I could put on light blue jeans with this, and this could be a summer evening look. These are all versatile looks. Yes, they’ve got their Christmas flavor, but they will work any time and I would feel confident wearing this at any time of the year, at any city worldwide, I’d feel very cool. Right, so yes, back to the corduroys, we have the corduroys, these are also from Top shop, and these retailed, I think 33 pounds, very preppy again, the cords kind of got that classic, old-fashioned feel and then finally a classic pair of brown brogues to top it all off and these are also my brown brogues, I won’t tell you the retail price, but you can get something similar to these four again, about 40 quid at Topman. Okay gents, so here is our final Christmassy, festive periods look. Check it out.

We’ve got this packet by Topman, again, everything Topman today, or mainly Topman, 80 quid. Lovely, dark green color, it’s very Christmassy, but it’s also very autumnal. So this is going to work during any season, whenever it’s cold enough for you to wear a jacket like this, it’s going to work and the green color, yes, it goes with the Christmas theme, but it’s super cool for the whole year round, as is every single style I’ve shown you today. We’ve got the red polo neck, also by Topman, underneath, 20 quid. Right, and then we are coming down, and we have some green, well, lighter green, we want it to be a nice distinction between the dark, deep green of the jacket, the Chinese are 25 pounds in a much lighter green as you can see, and then we run down into our case boots, and these retail at 40 pounds as well, also from Topman.

So that is our festive outdoors look, autumnal look, and again remember, all of these, gentlemen, are going to work well at any time this year. Alright, anyway, gentlemen, so that was it, that is our festive party outfits, Christmas, seasonal gear, stuff to make sure you pull a cracker at the office party. Right and that irrigation love throughout the festive period, and all those wild parties you’re going to be having with your mum and mince pies during December.


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