How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress for Under $200


I will help you learn how to understand and use different bridal terms. Often a bride comes in and is a little overwhelmed with all of the language that is used in the bridal industry. Some of the simple language and terms that you will want to be familiar with is the shape of dress that you are trying to look for. There is an A-line, a Ball gown, a Sheath, a Mermaid, a Trumpet, a Princess, and an Empire. Each of these gowns has a different shape and accentuates different body type.

If you aren’t sure, please do not hesitate to ask your bridal consultant. They’re there to help you understand the gown that you are trying to achieve. They can describe different fabrics, materials, beading patterns, colors, and any other question that you might have so that you can completely have the dress of your dreams. I’m here to help you to find your dream wedding dress for under $200. This is actually one of our wedding dresses at Walker’s Bridal that is priced at $166 located in our bridal sale room.

As you can tell some of the more simple dresses are the ones that are less than $200. This doesn’t contain any beading and the lines are very classic and clean. Some of the materials aren’t quite as better quality as the gowns that are priced little more expensive. Another place that you can look is Craig’s List or eBay. A lot of the time’s brides will try to sell their dresses that have been used and you are able to talk to them about seeing if they can sell it to you for less than $200. There are also some thrift stores that are in upscale areas that you might be able to find a good wedding dress that will fit your budget needs.


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