How to Preserve and Rent Your Wedding Dress

Rent Wedding Dress

Some different home remedies that you could use might involve purchasing a vacuum bag where you could suck the air out of the bag and then that could preserve. If you are going to be moving around in the first couple years of your marriage it is fine to put it in a plastic zip up bag. You can also put it in a box. Make sure it is very well and covered. However, some of these methods don’t work quite as well and after a time your dress will yellow unless you get it professionally cleaned and preserved.

There are different companies that you can actually send your wedding dresses to and they’ll preserve and clean it and send it back to your home through the mail. You also can contact local dry cleaners in your area to see if any of them do offer the preservation service. Most preservation services can range anywhere from $100 to $300 and if your gown is a little bit more designer or contains pure silk materials it can range up to $1000 depending on the style, the cut and the fabric of your dress.

How to Rent a Wedding Dress

I’d like to discuss how you can rent a wedding dress. The easiest way is to often look through the phone book and find different bridal boutiques and call and ask if they rent. It isn’t very common nowadays to rent a wedding dress but if you are on a tighter budget it is still a possibility. Renting, however, keep in mind that it can be just as expensive as purchasing a wedding dress. If you would like to save some money you could always purchase a wedding dress and then attempt to sell it afterward.

Again you can also look on eBay and Craig’s List to see if there is anybody who will rent you their wedding dress instead of purchasing their used one. You may think now that renting a wedding dress will save you money and be the best bet in the long run; however, once you have that dress you will not want to let it go. Many brides after the wedding if they have rented a dress may feel a little sad if they do not get to keep this special dress of their dreams as an heirloom or as a keepsake. However, if you still are on a tight budget you may still rent a dress, purchase a dress and then sell it or you can always borrow from a close friend or a family member.


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