Jacket Kurti and Suit Design

Jacket Kurti Design

Today, we will show you attached jacket in kurti. We have cut the front part of the kurti. This curve is armhole and here is the neck. In this cloth, we will make the jacket. We have kept the cloth in two folds. One, two this is front side and this is back. Now, we have kept the kurti on the jacket’s cloth. We kept kurti also in two folds. From the closed side of the neck, we have taken 2″ less cloth for the jacket. Now, we will mark along the curve. After marking, we will keep the kurti aside.


We are taking the length of the jacket as 12″ and 0.5″ extra for stitching which will become 12.5″. Here, we will mark straight. We are attaching the jacket only in the front part. But, you can attach it to back part also. Now, towards neck, we will make a curve. Now, we will cut this. Now, we will stitch it. We have kept a piece of the jacket on kurti. This is one side. Now, we will stitch this along the side. Similarly, we will attach the other side of the jacket. So, we have stitched both sides of the jacket.


Now, we will attach a stripe in the neckline. After that, we will fold it inside. Now, we will make cut marks which make folding easier. Now, we will fold it inside. But first, we will stitch over it. Now, we will fold a little and stitch along it. After stitching the stripe we will attach the decorative lace to it. We will begin from the neck and continue below. Now, we will stitch along the other side too. Following the same method, we will attach the lace to the other side of the jacket. So, our jacket is attached to the kurti.


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