Killer Dressing With Business Casuals

Business Casuals

Today we are going to talk about one of the biggest dilemmas in the business world. What is a business casual? Did you know there is a very interesting story behind how a business casual came into practice? See in early nineteen sixty-six the Hawaiian garment industry wanted to sell more of their Hawaiian shirts so they came up with this concept called aloha Friday, where people will shed down their formal suits and get into these nice floral printed shirts only for Friday to relax around in the work time.

Fast forward to the early 1990s recession this became a low-cost incentive for the companies to give their employees. Lee jeans en cashed on this and came up with an entire catalog with their set of products which defined casual dressing on Fridays. So the idea is to make use of one or two of your formal outfit pieces and combine it with your casual weekend clothing to create the business casual. It is the grey area between your power suit and your t-shirt.

  1. The first tip is to replace your formal trouser with chinos you can choose colors beyond your navy blue black and charcoal there are new colors like burgundy, hunter green, khakis, olives for men today in Chinos.
  2. Keep your jeans traffic who doesn’t love good jeans. we all have a pair in our wardrobe but when you pick one for your office it has to be a simple solid wash without any embellishments fading and tatters on it.
  3. You can choose shirts with medium to large prints or even multicolored for your Friday and you can pair it with your formal trousers to give the business casual balance.
  4. It’s all about the shoes. Formal shoes are the ones which you have lace-ups of a proper leather loafers instead of that on a business casual Friday you can wear a moccasin or a canvas shoes which is on lace up but in a darker color why choose sport shoes and trekking shoes are a big no-no even for a business casual day.
  5. The next tip is about your t-shirt Friday dressing is about this making it casual. But not so casual that you wear graphic tees of bands and random prints a collar t-shirt with patterns or in solid color paired with a Chino or the formal trousers tucked in and worn with the nice shoes look much better than a t-shirt and jeans combination.
  6. The next step is about your accessories instead of wearing a tie you can try out a pocket square or even a bow tie to bring in a lot of fresh look to your business casual on Friday.
  7. The last but not the least tip If you do have a meeting on a Friday where you need to meet a client or a superior you can add on a jacket which is not matched with your trouser or even a waistcoat which works much better in our weather.

Those were some of the tips for men on what business casual are.


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