Lady Gaga Designer Alex Noble Designing A Dress For Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Designing Dress

Previously in Madrid Pleased to meet you as Alex Noble worked with Lady Gaga on his costumes, and she’s one of my favorite artists. I have always been super interested in fashion it shows, it’s great. I have had an idea it is to make the dress from tennis balls my initial idea was to do, because of the material, something really offbeat, avant-garde and crazy but the more I thought, the more I wanted it to not look like a disguise for laughs. I wanted to do something really beautiful to wear it’s hard to work with tennis balls you have to open them with a cutter you cannot put them in a sewing machine we cannot even pierce them with a needle so it’s more DIY than the haute couture design.

I’m used to once I got there, I had an idea in mind to build some sort of armor that would go well with Bethanie’s personality it’s going to be pretty interesting. Allo Bethanie, everything is going well but I have to do a fitting with you and I wondered where you were right now in the world of tennis? Copenhagen? I’m going to Denmark! Hi, how are you? It’s cool to see you that’s the front, and there the sides. It’s funky. It’s like the goddess of Ancient Greece. A Greek goddess in neon yellow! I wish my legs were as long as that He will have to wear very high heels! I think people will see that and say ‘huh?’ And then he will see that these are tennis balls.

Dress Base

The structure, the base of dress is ready and it’s really important that it fits you perfectly. This is the most important thing to adjust because after, the bullets will go on all around here is your dress for now! That’s the dress. It’s not easy to understand but it will become clear as and when I feel like a ninja turtle because of the green? It’s very super hero. That is true, it’ll be really vaporous and fluid and on the red carpet, it will drag a little behind because it opens slightly in front of. I’m really happy with the dress. You should be happy, it’s amazing.

Well, I have to go back to London. More than two weeks not even, 12 days. It will be fine? Yes, of course, see you soon in London, thank you very much. Have a nice trip! Do you think the world of tennis is ready for that? I’m never sure they’re ready for you! I see from here the press: ‘just when we thought she would not go further’ I like to surprise them! Oh, that’s going to be won on this one.


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