Lovella Bridal’s Beautiful Collection of Bridal Gowns

Gowns Collection

In this day and age, we all seem to be experts on everything, thanks to Google. However, when it comes to shopping for your bridal gown, this is an area that you’re truly going to want to seek professional guidance, and you’re really going to want the expertise that a bridal fashion stylist has to offer you. I am a wedding fashion expert and stylist here at Lovella Bridal. We do what we do here at Lovella Bridal because we truly love making women and brides feel beautiful on the day of their wedding. We offer a beautiful selection of bridal gowns. We have over 6,000 square feet to store them, so we have quite the selection. In addition, we also have an amazing selection of bridal accessories, jewelry, headpieces, tiaras, you name it.

We have veils, and we offer alteration services for our brides as well. Lovella Bridal not only offers a large selection of designer bridal gowns, but we also offer a variety of different price points, so we’re sure to have a dress for you. The Lovella bride is one who values fashion, style, luxury, and truly wants a beautiful shopping experience. Your bridal fashion stylist and expert is actually your personal shopper, so this is a unique opportunity where you actually get to sit back and relax, and we know all of our inventory, and as we get to know you during the shopping experience, we will then start selecting all the gowns for you and lead you to finding your dream dress. Our Lovella Bridal fashion experts are truly amazing.

They go through extensive training to truly get to understand different body types, different proportions, and really have a great understanding of fashion silhouettes, so that they can really understand what it is that the bride is looking for, and get her in the perfect gown that’s suitable to aesthetically appeals to her, along with what looks best on her body. What we are known for here in Lovella Bridal is our selection and what’s behind our selection are three buyers who are all different ages, and personally work with our Lovella Bride’s hands on. So we truly know what it is that our clients are looking for, and we’ve shopped the world to bring dresses home to our brides.

One of the most beautiful things about Lovella Bridal is our process that we take our brides through to finding their dream gown. It’s not just about selling a dress to a bride. It’s really, really important to us that the dress and the bride are truly a perfect fit for one another. We often find that brides come in with a specific vision, and through our shopping experience and our process, that vision evolves into something completely different, but ends up being the bride’s perfect dress. It’s so exciting to see how a gown can really be transformed once it finds its right match. So we could put the same dress on 10 different breeds, and it will only light up on one of them, and that’s truly magic in front of your eyes. Our greatest hope for our clients is once they’ve said yes to the dress, is to then shift any worries or concerns about attire on to us, and go worry about something else, and go plan another element about your wedding because know that when it comes to your bridal gown, we’ve got you covered.


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