Money-Saving Tips On Wedding Dress Alterations

Wedding Dress Alterations

In this article, I’ll tell you a thing or two to make your wedding dress purchase experience one of ease and excited expectancy. Because seldom does one find a dress so perfectly fitted that it doesn’t need modification, yet I offer guidelines that can have you dealing with minimal to no fitting problems.

Planning your wedding and doing all that leads up to your day ought to be as pleasant as the actual wedding day experience, wouldn’t you agree and when it comes to your dress I can help you shimmy into it nearly effortlessly when you follow my 9 dress-buying tips.

#Number 1: Don’t believe that there is only one dress in the world for you. Really do your homework before narrowing down to one yet continue to be open-minded.

#Number 2: Buy a corset back dress. They’re beautiful and adjust to any size. If you see the dress of your dreams that doesn’t fit and want to convert it to a corset back, my best advice is- don’t. Keep looking for something beautiful in a corset back because there is – again I say – more than one perfect dress for you in the world.

#Number 3: Buy the dress first shoe second. Why? Buy shoes that offset the length of the dress. If the dress is too long but you can manage six-inch heels that solve the problem then do that (although sometimes you find the price of the shoes and the price of the hem may be a wash). If the dress is too short flats may be your answer and save you a bundle in hem alterations costs.

#Number4: Don’t get alterations done at the bridal shop. Ever! No matter how knowledgeable, lovable, and attentive the bridal shop salesperson is don’t talked into getting a size up or getting any alterations there where they will be much, much pricier. Scout out a local and reputable alteration specialist who will likely be better priced and better turnaround time.

#Number 5: Don’t ever fall in love with the perfect style dress somewhere that is way too large and figure you’ll find someone to fix it. Even without a persuasive clerk around many is the time bride has talked herself into this illogical belief. Don’t do this to yourself. Avoid being more than one size off.

#Number 6: If you sew consider doing any minor alterations yourself, for instance, a strap or veil adjustment. Consult a reputable seamstress how to do it if necessary but expect to pay a small fee for that information.

#Number 7: Always, always be good to the independent seamstress you find. By that I mean to be on your best behavior and avoid bridezilla behavior. If you’ve purchased wisely and therefore timely there should be no need for acting out. Now here’s some insider info – also it will cost you less in dollars to be congenial because guess what – there are those of us who charge brides who behave badly, unbeknownst to them, more than those who are pleasant. Yeah, I’m just saying.

#Number 8: Search for your style online but avoids buying online.

#Number 9: Distills down to my best advice keeping in mind that I honor your preferences if you really want to beat the wedding dress alterations price racket, buy the correct size dress in-person at a thrift shop stocked with gorgeous-beyond-belief dressed, and take it home with you right then and there. Get shoes to compensate for length. Do minor alterations yourself if totally confident.


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