Mussared Designs Your Dream Wedding Gown

Dream Wedding Gown

When you look good, you feel great, and when you feel great, you radiate happiness. We invite you to take a drive, to come out of our specially-designed country studio where we will sit down with you in order to understand all of the design elements you would like to have so we can create your dream gown together. We have an amazing array of laces for you to choose from including vintage, French, Chantilly, corded, Guipure, and beaded from across the globe to incorporate into your gown. We take 38 measurements using French drafting techniques to get a really fantastic fit. Because we’re not just different bust, waist, and hip, but the distance between each of those is vastly different.

So we take all those measurements to get a really nice fit right from the start. We also set your skirt lining in front of the mirror so we can make sure you have the shape you desire before we cut the outer layers of silk and lace. We have the most beautiful silk fabrics and we even use pure silk lining so that on your day you feel the deliciousness of silk against your skin as you walk and as you move. All of our gowns are individually made to suit each and every figure, personality, and style. So that you get to choose how deep you neckline’s going to be, how low you’d like the back to be, where you want your shoulder straps to sit, and we do that in front of the mirror so that you can see it, we can pin it, and you can say “Yes, that’s it! That suits me, that suits my personality, and that’s where I want to be.

We spend a great deal of time hand-stitching all the different elements of each gown. Laces are hand-cut and hand-stitched so they appear to be one piece, perfectly molded to your figure. We prefer to start creating gowns five months before your day. We can only make a set number of gowns each month. So once a certain month is full, we can’t take anymore gowns to be finished in that month. So as soon as you know what you desire, give us a call and make an appointment. We can meet and have your design consultation. If your gown is strapless, we create full corsetry which gets built into the gown including an underwire bra so it’s really flattering and bust-lifting even for larger bust sizes.

We create beautiful silk buttons for you in our European button press in your silk fabrics that perfectly matches the gown. The buttons and hems are set at your last fitting, usually one month before your day. At Massacred, we’re here to make your dreams come true. Happy, cherished brides are what we’re all about.


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