Sexy Cocktail Party Dress – Marking and Cutting and Stitching

Cocktail Party Dress

Let me help you learn how to understand and use different bridal terms. Often a bride comes in and is a little overwhelmed with all of the language that is used in the bridal industry. Some of the simple language and terms that you will want to be familiar with is the shape of dress that you are trying to look for. There is an A-line, a Ball gown, a Sheath, a Mermaid, a Trumpet, a Princess, and an Empire.

Each of these gowns has a different shape and accentuates different body type. If you aren’t sure, please do not hesitate to ask your bridal consultant. They’re there to help you understand the gown that you are trying to achieve. They can describe different fabrics, materials, beading patters, colors, and any other question that you might have so that you can completely have the dress of your dreams.

Marking, Cutting and Stitching

We’ll do the cutting for a sexy cocktail party dress. We’ll take full body length which in our case is 51″ cotton Lycra otherwise known as four-way fabric. First, we’ll fold the cloth lengthwise. We’ll fold it again (two folds, four pieces). We won’t give any ease for this cloth because it is a Lycra it will stretch itself according to the body. If the bust is 36″, we’ll keep the same without adding any margin. Draw a reference line first. Mark another line 1″ away from reference line for folding at the bottom. Length is 51″ We’ll mark 51″ from here. The waist is at 13″ standard hip is at 21″ standard. Mark at 36″ for the knee line.

Draw a line at the 51″ mark for the shoulder. Shoulder is 13″ 13/2 = 6 1/2″. No margin. Mark the arm whole line at 6″. From here shoulder measurement which is 6 1/2″. The bust is 36″. 36/4 = 9″. Waist is 30″/4 = 7 1/2″. Hip is 36″/4 = 9″. (Two knee together) knee roundness is 30″/4 = 7 1/2″. We’ll take bottom fully. In our case, it is 17″. Now we’ll draw the joining lines and curves. Draw a curve at armhole. We’ll add 3/4″ for stitching margin. Draw a curve at the bottom which is 1 1/2″ dip at this corner. Open the fabric like this. Mark the center like this. A stitch from the top, we will join the shoulder.


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