Styling Your Sorority Business Suit

Sorority Business Suit

Let me tell you about the first time that I went to Vegas for a sorority event. I had shoved what little sorority wardrobe that I had into a couple carry-on bags. I’m just praying and hoping that things would come together when I got to that hotel and got to the conference that didn’t work out so well. I had a lot of random pieces that didn’t really go together and I ended up basically looking the same every single day because I only had a few things that actually worked together. I’m going to show you five easy ways to style business suits. No matter what type of conference you’re going to most likely you’re going to have to wear business attire for at least one session.

Basic Suit

So we’re going to start with just a basic suit in your sorority colors. This is my sample here and this is just a basic skirted suit with a jacket and a matching skirt. You could also use these tips with a suit jacket and matching pants suit jacket and a dress. I do find that dresses with a suit jacket are quiet and versatile. But it does simplify dressing because it is just one piece so it’s quick too and easy to throw on a dress. So whatever your preference is. But we’ll start with this and I’ll show you five different looks with this suit. This is a great businessperson type of look.

Whole Suit

Again we have the whole suit here with the jacket and skirt. Button up or button down I don’t know which way is the technically correct way to say it a white shirt and just kind of a statement tasteful necklace. I also accessorized her with a sorority pin so this is great for general business sessions, for your sorority conference or meeting and also have just basic pumps. I’ll just show you the rest of this look here. All right, so this one’s a little fancier but of course this is kind of I got done with the conference, I want to grab a couple drinks look.

A little cuter than how you looked in the conference but you don’t have time to change. So remove the suit jacket leave your white classic button-up shirt unbuttoned a few buttons. Add a statement necklace. I really love this is one of my favorite necklaces with all layered pearls and chain and then go ahead and keep the skirt suit and then we’re going to change out pumps for a pair of more elegant heels. Or you could wear pumps, whatever your flavor is. So again let me just scroll down so you can see the entire look and there are my little sexy sandals there.

My suit, as you can see comes up pretty high, buttons up. So you can actually forego a shirt underneath if you desire and then have accessorized with just a delicate little necklace with a royal blue gemstone in there. Skirt suit and pump so this is just really easy throw on the look. Again, it depends if your suit is cut further down probably won’t be able to wear it without a top, but this is an option. If you look at your jackets and they’re high enough to wear without a top underneath. So we’ll just scroll down here and just basic pumps.

That’s that for that look. So this is a much more casual look. I switched out the suit jacket for a cardigan kept the sorority fitted T-shirt. I have a long string of pearls the skirt from the suit and a pair of casual flats. So let me just scroll down you can see this whole look here and I’ll show all the looks again at the end so just a pair of flats to go along with this casual look. So for this look, I took the casual T-shirt added the jacket from the suit. Switched out the skirt for a coordinated print and added a statement piece of jewelry and a basic pump.

So I’m just going to scroll down so you can see this whole get up. Really, I’m going to try anyway. It’s hard to get everything in the frame so pumps, skirt, jacket, t-shirt and statement jewelry. So that’s it for this look. So I hope these tips got your creative juices flowing on how you can remix your suits and other sorority wardrobe items.


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