Tips for Photographing the Wedding Gown and Bouquet on a Wedding Day

Photographing Wedding Gown

I’m going to be sharing with you some tips and techniques for how I photograph the wedding dress on a wedding day and I’m actually taking you behind the scenes and showing you a little bit of footage from a real wedding that I photographed. This is so that you can get a little more insight into how I work, what that looks like on the real wedding day, and how I create the images that I do for my clients. The first thing I want to do is find the dress, put it on a beautiful hanger, and find a spot in the getting ready room or somewhere nearby to hang it so that I can take photographs of it.

We decided to hang it just here next to this full-length mirror and as you can see off to my left. I had some great window light coming through after I photographed the gown in both horizontal and vertical some with and without the veil. I like to go ahead and gather the bouquet and the shoes so that I can photograph those in the same light. I like to do this because I want those images of the details and the elements that the bride will be carrying with her throughout the day to look the same in the gallery or in a final printed album.

So after I photographed the dress and the shoes and the bouquet I go ahead and get one wide shot of everything and as you can see here off to my right my assistant is holding the reflector just to bring some more beautiful light back in and the final shot, we want to get is actually of the bride in front of the dress. I think this just adds storytelling element to it and I like to have her pretend that she’s going to take the dress down off the wall and this just turns out really beautiful. After this, the next step would be for her to get into the gown have her mom or maid of honor or best friend, help her into her dress and we would begin the get ready portraits of the day.


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