Wedding Dresses Tips and Modeling an Evening Gown

Wedding Dresses Tips

Today we’re discussing different shapes and styles of wedding dresses.

1. This dress is a ball gown. As you can tell, it is fitted through the waist, and then it flairs out through the bottom. A ball-gowned fabric on the skirt is typically made of tulle, satin or anything that can give a full shape of the dress. Um, girls that are petite or that are a little bit fuller figure want to steer clear of a ball gown. They may tend to accentuate areas that aren’t necessarily your best assets. Petite girls tend to disappear when wearing these dresses because of all the material and beading. Remember, our goal is to have you wear the dress and not the dress wears you. Again, this style can also be changed with necklines, sleeve lengths.

2. A gown like this, most girls tend to go with the strapless style or halter style. Be careful in ball gowns to have too much beading because that also accentuates the dress and adds too much detail so that you are not the main focus of attention. I’d like to help you learn how to sell your wedding dress after the big day. Some options to you are eBay, Craigslist, and a local newspaper. If you are living on a University campus often times the campus will contain a board that you can sell or purchase items. Many brides, post their dresses on university campuses because that is the age range when girls are typically looking for a wedding dress. Now we’re going to talk about how to model for the evening gown competition in a pageant.

1. First of all, when walking on stage, kick one foot in front of the other, and take small to medium steps walking forward. Make sure that you keep your head up, your shoulders down, your back straight and always smile. If you choose a dress with a train you’re going to make a small circle motion when turning around so that your train doesn’t get caught while you walk. If your dress does not have a train, put one foot in front of the other pivot turn and make sure you turn your head last. Count one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand and then pivot and turn again. This time scanning from left to right smiling at the crowd and the judges.

2. Then pivot and turn one last time to turn and walk off the stage. Make sure you always keep your eyes on the crowd and on the judges until you are seen no more. That is how to model for the evening gown competition in a pageant.


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