Well Explained Cutting Tip For Neck Design


I am going to give some tips about how to cut neck pattern in canvas. See this is a piece of canvas, this side with gum to stick on fabric. Just fold like this in the middle. Now we are going to mark a simple U neck 3 inch wide and 6 inch depth marking here. First mark 3″ here same marking here connect these two points mark 6.5 here. 0.5″ is seam allowance connect and form a rectangle. These are all for reference to make a perfect shape. Now mark 3″ from depth point.

Now going to mark a shape free hand not using any tools draw and make a perfect shape. Always draw rectangle to get proper shape. Now we are marking 1 inch width like this mark 3 to 4 points as you like and connect all these points to make outer shape. Use free hands or any shape tools you have. This is for basic students, complete the outer shape. Now our neck is ready to cut. What fault normally happens is just hold and cut, if you do so there is a chance to slide layers it will make your neck shapeless.

Don’t do that way what we want to do just pin it 1 or 2 places like this then start cutting like this from inside. I am always cut neckline like this, what we required for our pattern our simple U neck is completed ready to stick on fabric. Remove the pin and check shape both side will be perfect. Now we got perfect neckline, this is one of the easy way. Just stick it to the fabric and sew it, this is most easy way.

Bridge Method

Now I am going to make little advanced method, called bridge just going to mark same as previous one. Mark wide 3″ and depth 6″, draw a rectangle. Always draw it to get perfection. We are going to make a different shape, making a v shape just marking 0.5″ here from the top. It is seam allowance another 4.5″ marking from top connect these 2 points to get a v shape draw a free hand shape like this. Because of the rectangle, we can make shapes properly.

Just mark 3/4 ” inch like this to draw the outline. Always mark 2-3 points to draw easily and connect all these points to get the outer shape to match inner neck line. Now our outer shape is completed. Now I am marking a line from this 0.5″ marking point like this to make a bridge to retain our shape perfectly to stick on fabric just pin it and cut don’t forget to keep the bridge if you pin it won’t slide. Just cut this bridge like this, remove the pin just see the shape, the upper bridge will hold the shape in normal case there is a chance to open upper area at the time of ironing it to the fabric if you make bridge like this. It will be perfect in shape.


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